About Georgian Showcase

Theatre critic Lasha Chkhartishvili :

Welcome to Georgia, the most artistic and theatrical country, where people love and live for theater. Many of you have come back to be reunited with the memories of longed Georgian theatre, rich with “southern temperament” and “brave artistry”, some of you get to experience it for the first time. I assure you, that you too will come back to it, since you will fall in love with Georgian theatre and the country, as well as people who live here. You will miss their sincere warmth, which you will feel whilst every step of your journey here, no matter if it is from a complete stranger in the street, or in the presence of your host. Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre will help you become familiar with Georgia and Georgian theatre.

Georgian contemporary theatre is a part of big European theater family. At the same time, it is distinguished with own style and  follows the trail paved by the ancestors and stays loyal to its individual characteristics.

Georgian ShowCase Program  2017 Tbilisi is  filled with sweetness and rationalism, national diversity and European aroma, with the intention to find the new world and provocations. 70% of presented performances are works of the youth, meaning that they show a worthy competition to the elder generation. The representatives of the elder generation this year are; Davit Doiashvili with performance “Pillow Man” (Music and Drama Theatre), which will leave an unforgettable influence on the audience, Giorgi Sikharulidze’s “The Government Inspector” (Kutaisi State Drama Theatre) an enchanting interpretation of Nikolai Gogol’s renown comedy, and likewise, Levan Tsuladze’s “Bakula’s Pigs” an original example of Georgian classical works, tragic-comedy, which brings a lot of tears and laughter to audience and touches upon the problems of a mankind in general.

Guram Matskhonashvili’s “Counting Out” represents an exceptional way of a theatrical performance of a novel by a contemrorary Georgian writer, where we are told about the lives of two teenagers during the time of the war. Paata Tsikolia’s “My name is Lali” touches the future era. This director prepares us for the futuristic problems that people will have to struggle against at time of the cyber-space.  Data Tavadze’s “Faces” is entirely young work, which is distinguished by its original theatrical narration. Meeting of young stage director-teacher with students in free environment gives birth to very interesting experience.

It has become a tradition to organize opening nights in  the program of Georgian ShowCase. Theatres deliberately offer new performances to the audience, and fortunately,  surprises are very fruitful. 

So,  Georgian Show Case in  2017   suggest several original performances by very interesting directors. It is obvious, that Georgian theatre tries to keep up with all kinds of modernity and by itself tries to become the stimulator of new discoveries for the European market. Yearning for the news and modernization of traditions are the main characteristics of the Georgian theatre. Let’s not hurry and take our time to go ahead with current ShowCase program,  which more or less paints recent image of the Georgian theatre. 


Lasha Chkhartishvili
Theatre critic