Petre Otskheli - The legend of Georgian theatre is 110.


On September 21st, 1937 he was arrested and condemned to death as “the member of counter-revolutionary, Trotskyist, nationalistic organization” and was executed on December 2, same year. He was just 30. Having worked at theatre for only 9 seasons, his influence has surpassed years and generations to come. His legacy is still to be studied; his sense of space and scope is utterly distinguished. He is beyond time as all great artists. His work is a master-class for set designers. He is one of the founders of Georgian set design…

He had no limits – while prison-like Soviet Union was imposing Socialits-realism, he was founding constructivism in theatre. He swam against the current;


Much more will be written about him; his exhibitions will triumphantly travel around the world; he will remain contemporary and up-to-date forever, as theatre itself. We determined to decorate our Festival printed material with the details of his works this year and thus celebrate his work. 

In coming years Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre will present the art of Georgian theatre-makers, in different forms – present it as history and legacy that is the true basis we want to build our future on.