Georgian Showcase Program

Georgian ShowCase- Georgian performances program, was established with Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre, and traditionally represents the most important part of the festival.  Georgian performances program is a sum of past performances and gives an opportunity to all theatres and companies interested, to present their works and initiatives to international guests.

Guests of ShowCase visit from different countries in order to be introduced to Georgian Contemporary Theatre and initiate for new co-projects and exchange possibilities.  Georgian ShowCase has formed into a theatrical platform, which unites dramatic theatre, modern dance and contemporary dramaturgy, from capital as well as from regions.

Program has been chosen by a group made up by theatre critics. This recommendation group consists of theater critics- 5 people- who were named by Tbilisi International Festival council. Representatives of different countries are invited to Georgian performances program: directors, festival directors, critics, producers and journalists.

This year we expect up to 80 international guests to attend Georgian Performances program. 


Welcome to Georgia, the most artistic and theatrical country, where people love and live for theater. Many of you have come back to be reunited with the memories of longed Georgian theatre, rich with “southern temperament” and “brave artistry”, some of you get to experience it for the first time. I assure you, that you too will come back to it, since you will fall in love with Georgian theatre and the country, as well as people who live here. You will miss their sincere warmth, which you will feel whilst every step of your journey here, no matter if it is from a complete stranger in the street, or in the presence of your host. Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre will help you become familiar with Georgia and Georgian theatre.

Georgian contemporary theatre is a part of big European theater family. At the same time, it is distinguished with own style and  follows the trail paved by the ancestors and stays loyal to its individual characteristics.

Georgian ShowCase Program  2017 Tbilisi is  filled with sweetness and rationalism, national diversity and European aroma, with the intention to find the new world and provocations. 70% of presented performances are works of the youth, meaning that they show a worthy competition to the elder generation. The representatives of the elder generation this year are; Davit Doiashvili with performance “Pillow Man” (Music and Drama Theatre), which will leave an unforgettable influence on the audience, Giorgi Sikharulidze’s “The Government Inspector” (Kutaisi State Drama Theatre) an enchanting interpretation of Nikolai Gogol’s renown comedy, and likewise, Levan Tsuladze’s “Bakula’s Pigs” an original example of Georgian classical works, tragic-comedy, which brings a lot of tears and laughter to audience and touches upon the problems of a mankind in general.

Guram Matskhonashvili’s “Counting Out” represents an exceptional way of a theatrical performance of a novel by a contemrorary Georgian writer, where we are told about the lives of two teenagers during the time of the war. Paata Tsikolia’s “My name is Lali” touches the future era. This director prepares us for the futuristic problems that people will have to struggle against at time of the cyber-space.  Data Tavadze’s “Faces” is entirely young work, which is distinguished by its original theatrical narration. Meeting of young stage director-teacher with students in free environment gives birth to very interesting experience.

It has become a tradition to organize opening nights in  the program of Georgian ShowCase. Theatres deliberately offer new performances to the audience, and fortunately,  surprises are very fruitful. 

So,  Georgian Show Case in  2017   suggest several original performances by very interesting directors. It is obvious, that Georgian theatre tries to keep up with all kinds of modernity and by itself tries to become the stimulator of new discoveries for the European market. Yearning for the news and modernization of traditions are the main characteristics of the Georgian theatre. Let’s not hurry and take our time to go ahead with current ShowCase program,  which more or less paints recent image of the Georgian theatre. 


Lasha Chkhartishvili
Theatre critic

Date Program type Details Location

It is very hardly digested, agile, polyphonic and daring performance with a multi meaning. It is visible that the director has worked hard to turn Davit Kldiashvili’s text into a wider and more universal story, making it readable for the European audience and totally transforming the language aesthetically. This is a very harsh change and provocation, after the fact that Tumanishvili’s “Bakula’s Pigs” has turned into a myth for theatre specialists. Construction, decoration, costumes, additional characters and aesthetics in general, will often remind you of Molière, other times- towards Goldoni, but mostly of Chekhov. The second act is more alike a newer version of Shalva Dadiani’s “Those, from Yesterday” rather than that of Kldiashvili. It is a modernized work of Kldiashvili, full with “Chola’s” renowned atmosphere and characteristics. Characters have a familiar alchemy created by sincere sentimentality. Director adds civil and political motives to the performance, which gives it a new, unexpected circumstance.

Dato Bukhrikidze
Art Critic

I was left with two different feelings after the performance: excitement and horrible, unbearable sadness. I was excited about the innovative directory, actors and their work, characters created by them, exquisite scenography, costumes, music and plastic sketches. However, the plot itself filled me with sadness… “Bakula’s Pigs” tells us about our helpless country and its backwardness. In the beginning, this theatrical storytelling will make you laugh, but by the end of it, you will be left with bitter tears. 

Maka Vasadze
Theatre Critic

A modern, more like a world of the future. A virtual space, which slowly takes place of reality. Modern/futuristic Frankenstein. A virtual man created and at the same time destroyed by the man himself.
Lali- in this case a materialized being who steps out of the frame, is played by one actress who gets to play her character in several dimensions. One space is taken by the other, and this way audience appears to be beyond the reality.
Paata Tsikolia- is one of the most distinguished Georgian director and author among the new generation. You might agree or disagree with him, accept or not accept his perception of the world, but you cannot deny his talent, individualistic vision, fierce, specific way of telling the story.

Lela Ochiauri
Theatre Critic

Which one comes first- creativity or reality? Who is responsible for the evil that dominates the world, and where do we find its source? Who are we and are we responsible for all the suffering and pain present in the world? Music and Drama Theatre presents a performance “The Pillowman”, which is looking for the questions regarding the mankind. Davit Doiashvili’s performance manages to drastically affect the audience by its lyricism and sincerity for love and cruelty.  Audience is engaged into this “session” that was based upon Martin McDonagh’s ‘detective thriller’ and ‘psychological narrative’. The work that was done by the director and actors touch the deepest layers of our mentality. Water is the main symbol of performance, which at the same time marks the unknown psyche and its cleansing. Performance goes beyond the problems of an independent artist during a totalitarian regime and puts us against culture and being. It is full with emotionality, intellectual, tragic grotesque and dark humor. Exupéry used to say that we all come from childhood, but childhood story can be full with monsters. Doiashvili says that if we manage to analyze our past traumas, we can have a better future, as ‘a modern man is one who manages to completely understand reality’ (Carl Gustav Jung, “Modern Man in Search of a Soul”) and be able to face it.

Tamar Bokuchava
Theatre critic

,,Pillowman” is a significant step in the developmental staircase of Georgian Theater!

My expectations for a director who will say a new word in Georgian theater took a long while. Now I know that this director is David Doiashvili!”David Doiashvili and his crew show naked Georgian society and the actors drop their clothes completely off as they move through huge water basins – whirlpools of tears on the stage and force the audience into this whirlpools. The Director and artists use the magnifying glass of Sherlock Holmes to investigate cruelty governing today’s society and they find the reasons deep in the past, in family traditions.  Realistic and phantasmagorical scenes change each other -   feeding the audience with excellence of perfection. The performance gives you a pair of wings and teaches you how to fly.

                                                                                                                                                        Manana Turiashvili
Theatre critic

Giorgi Sikhrulidze’s “The Government Inspector” is an original, modernized version of Nikolai Gogol’s work. Director, with a help of notes, relocation, additional features to the characters, aggravation of comic and drama- tragic moments, managed to turn existing problems into a more interesting and solid piece. Director’s fantasy and inventing skills are most visible in the scenography.


Maka Vasadze
Theatre Critic

“Faces” is a brave work done by Royal District Theatre and student actors of Film State University, where young actors learn Data Tavadze’s “Directorial Alphabet” by their own talent and abilities. Kawabata’s prosaic work is turned into a “gestalt” created by young  actors; the  pieces are put together with a choreographic and  dramatic balance.

Performance is full with original exercises and etudes, but at the same time, it has a clear desire to search for news and forms… Other than that, this is a way to test actors’ talent, energy and possibilities.

Davit Bukhrikidze
Art critic