Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Beginning at: 20:30 - Friday, 28 September
Location: Vaso Abashidze Music and Drama State Theatre


Director David Doiashvili
Scenography By David Doiashvili
Costume Designer Anano Mosidze
Choreography by Konstantine Purceladze
Assistant to director Nino  Chavchacadze


The Cast:

Nino Gomarteli, TaTo Chakhunashvili, Eka Demetradze, Jeji Skhirtladze, Ana Tsereteli, Shako Mirianashvili, Gigi Qarseladze, George Bakhutashvili, Nata Berejiani



17th century France or 21st century Georgia ?!
Priest of the church or the family psychologist ?!
Formal or informal ruler ?!
Confession or subcognitive?
All these becomes one when you open a door to someone and this someone is Tartuffee !
Tartuffee, who is beloved by your mother as her own son! You are happy !
Tartuffee, who takes away your wife and the child in a name of a true friend. You are even more happy  !
Tartuffee, who betrays in a name of loyalty! You are still happy !
Tartuffee, who takes away everything in a name of owner ! You wake up and say, 'I was blind !'
And me - Tartuffee, I wonder if you were blind or just happy ?!
Maybe you are Tartuffee  and I am – you !
Maybe all are Tartuffee  - the mother, your wife, the children, your brother- in- law, the King - everyone around ?
And if all are Tartuffee, then who is the real Tartuffee ?
- Yes, you're right ! He is Molière's Tartuffee  - our ancestor !

Date of Premire: 05.05.2018
Duration: 170 minutes, with one intermission
The tour group: 15 person


Tbilisi Music and Drama State Theatre was founded in 1926. The Theatre repertoire consisted of only musical comedies for decades. A lot of famous Georgian Directors and Actors, Composers and Playwrights, Artists and Choreographers used to work for this Theatre. This Theatre was the most important part of Georgian theatre and musical culture.

In 2004 theatre director David Doiashvili, one of the best directors of New Generation becomes the head of the company. All fundamental reforms throughout the theatre are connected with his name.

Experimental fusion of genres including drama, opera, musical comedy, musical drama, choreography, literary performance appears in the repertoire of the theatre.

Tbilisi Music and Drama State Theatre, which is focused on the quality of dramaturgy, young talented directors and the creative work of the manager David Doiashvili and his desire to talk about the language of the art, change the forms, think of mixed methods, make actors act artistically.

Today Tbilisi Music and Drama State Theatre is one of the innovative and successful theatre in our country. The number of significant awards and prizes of the theatre is constantly increasing, as well as its international recognition and name.

Contact Information:
Artistic Director of Theatre: David Doiashvili
Contact Person: Sopo Liluashvili
Tel: (+995) 595411511