Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Beginning at: 20:30 - Saturday, 29 September
Location: Royal District Theatre
Lars Noren


Directed by Mikheil Charkviani
Scenography By Ketevan Nadibaidze
Composer Erekle Getsadze


The Cast:

Nato kakhidze, Tornike Gogrichiani, Ketevan Shatirishvili, Kakha Kintsurashvili



Frank brings home the ashes of his dead mother; despite the promise, his wife has not cleaned the house, neither his brother and sister-in-law appear to mourn their dead mother together. Oppressed emotions erupt at once as soon as their neighbouring couple visits them. What promised to be an usual evening, turns into a heedless, humiliating and violent confrontation; where two women and two men set their own demons free.


Date of Premire: 24.03.2018
Duration: 110 minutes,  without  intermission
The tour group: 13 persons


ROYAL DISTRICT THEATRE was founded in 1997 by a prominent Georgian actress Iza Gigoshvili. Since its establishment RDT has been supporting innovative and free theatrical experiments, popularization of new plays, thus contributing to widening the perspective of Georgian theatre. Since 2008 a young group of actors - led by award winning young director and author Data Tavadze - has been active at RDT. The group made the theatre popular abroad with its innovative forms and acutely up-to-date performances. Data Tavade’s productions were presented at Deutsches Theater Berlin, BOZAR Brussels, moment:teater Stockholm, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Staatstheater Braunsweig, Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre and more.

In 2008-2011 RDT founded the festival of 25-minute play ARDIfest that aimed at discovering new faces and encouraging their work. The directors, playwright, actors, composers and designers discovered at ARDIfest are ultimately defining the face of young Georgian theatre nowadays.

RDT is also active in the educational field, it hosts the Center for Development of Contemporary Theatre. RDT actively collaborates with Gothenburg Academy for Music and Drama (Sweden); arranges public lectures, professional seminars, workshops for Georgian and foreign theatre-makers. 

Repertoire choices at RDT are always taking into consideration social values, political event in Georgia and around the world, as we do believe that theatre is a space for reflection and reaction, dialogue and analysis.

Artistic director of theatre: Merab Tavadze  
Contact  Person: Davit Gabunia
Tel: 032 2996171 (+995)  595 424261

Mikheil Charkviani

Mikhail Charkviani -  stage director. He is a co-founder of Open Space, its stage director, painter and artistic director. He graduated from the Shota Rustaveli Georgian State University of Theatre and Cinema, Drama Department. He is an award-winning director (Independent Duruji Awards and Tsinandali Awards in the field of theatre).