Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Beginning at: 18:00 - Saturday, 29 September
Location: Tumanishvili Film Actors’ Studio Theatre
Irakli Gurgenidze, Koba Shonia

When the World Is Endless

Director: Irakli Gurgenidze
Scenography By: Shota Glurjidze
Choreography by: Koba Shonia, Mariam Charkhaladze
Composer, Musical adaptation by: Irakli Gurgenidze, Koba Shonia
Assistant to director: Ela Kazariani


The Cast:
Eka Andronikashvili, Keti Asatiani /Ana Nikolashvili, Rusudan Bolkvadze, Ana-Maria Gurgenishvili, Irakli Gurgenidze, Vano Dougladze, Nanuka Kupatadze, Tsotne Metonidze, Temo Natroshvili, Tornike Kutateladze, Koba Shonia, Nineel Chankvetadze, Beka Jumutia, Elisabed Peradze



The interest towards Argentine Tango as a social dance is increasing. More and more Tango communities are created around the globe. For several years, Georgian tango professionals have been conducting tango workshops, milongas (social tango events) and performances within the country and abroad. Their efforts to attract more people - and thus facilitate their healthy and creative lifestyle - gradually result in the increased number of dancers.The co-production of Mikheil Tumanishvili Film Actors’ Theater and Tango Academy – “When the World Is Endless” - promotes both a genre of choreodrama and Argentine social tango in Georgia.
The dramaturgy in the play – with the original plot constructed by Director Irakli Gurgenidze and Choreographer Koba Shonia - covers variety of trends of Argentine Tango. At the same time the performance fully demonstrates the theatrical potential of tango.
The whole story, without any word, staged with tango, is acted by professional drama actors instead of  a dancers.
The play tells the story of a small-town girl in the big city, where she tries to survive in the unfamiliar environment, and struggles for success ... The audience observes a real-life story that reminds us about the importance of making right choices daily, urges us to look beyond challenges and achievements, joys and frustrations and to think about essentials, to look for the key to happiness…
The performance does not intentionally specify time and place of action, for each spectator is able to find his or her own story beyond the plot and the eternal topics, thus to become a part of the play.

Date of Premire: 19.04. 2018
Duration: 55 minutes,  without  intermission
The tour group: 23 persons


The Film Actors Theatre was ceremoniously opened in 1978 year on 14 th of January, on the day traditionally celebrated as the Day of Georgia Theatre. This event was a truly significant  moment in history of Georgia theatre and a memorable millstone as the great Georgian theatre director of our times Michael Tumanishvili welcomed   the  audience into his own theatre, where the permanent troupe was comprised of his students and the experimental group of directors and actors, These were aspiring, highly talented young people fanatically  in love with theatre, sometimes even referred as ‘ soloists  of orchestra’ or as  Tumanishvili’s ‘chamber ensemble” teamed up tied together at the time  when the outstanding director left the Rustaveli Theatre.

Officially called as the Theatre Workshop of the Georgian Film Studio the ensemble bad its manifesto and rituals. Central here was the  studio work, psycho – physical training and improvisation. ‘Improvise, exercise on episode, and  then develop it… motion, motion and motion is our main task" – used to say maestro. And so the actors came to a beautiful stage as if they were mounting the scaffold “to be burnt in ashes” totally  enchanting audience by the theatrical sensation they watched in a cozy little space.

Michael Tumanishvili aestheties, his innovative approach formed in the 1950s when he worked in Rustaveli Theatre. “We were the bridge which ensured that the romantic, declamatory and rhetorical theatre of pathos… We came to bring along change," Tumanishvili, the reformer wrote in one of his books.

The production of the Film Actors Theatre have proved highly successful at various reputable festivals in Europe, Americas and Australia.

The former students of the great director  are still loyal to the theatre, now joined by a younger  generation. Much is done to preserve the best practices of the well-established theatre -  new performances are produced regularly, interesting discussions are held and numerous projects  are fulfilled within the walls still keeping rich traditions.

Moreove, the theatre invariably welcomes young talented actors and directors, who can benefit from the resources and support given to them so they can put their ideas to life.

"The language of the theatre has become more complex. New means, solutions, techniques and forms are needed. Anyone, especially the  young, should be given the opportunity to courageously take the hard road of experimenting. We need to forever remember Stanislavski’s words that eternal Art is an endless road which requires renovating every 15 or so years: / Michael Tumanishvili/


Theatre art director: George Sikharulidze
Contact  Person: Zurab Getsadze
Tel:032 2996171 (+995)  595 424261
fax: +995 32 235 01 94
E-mail :

Irakli Gurgenidze

Director, Actor, Choreographer

Graduated  Shota Rustaveli Theater and Film State University of Georgia.

The first steps in the creative life are related to movement theater studio "Impro", where the mainrole played in several motion scenes. In parallel, there are several mixed numbers for different shows. And in 2005, as the director and choreographer created the show "Aphroshow" by the Young Cinematographer Union, as the screenwriter and director of the short film feature films.

Theatrical performances have been performed in Tbilisi, Batumi and Ozurgeti.

Performance at the  Tumanishvili Film Actors Theatre in 2016 was marked by the "Best Debut" by The Contemporary Georgian Theatre Center and Georgian Section of International Critics' Association  - "Delayed Tea".