Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Beginning at: 17:00 - Wednesday, 26 September
Location: Beri Gabriel Salosi I Turn, #2, Former Elektrowerk.
Mikheil Charkviani

Lasha-Giorgi Makes his Dreams Come True

Director: Mikheil Charkviani

Scenography By: Ana Gurgenidze
Composer: Erekle Getsadze


The Cast:
Buka Tolordava, Giorgi Mchedlidze, Saba Rukhadze, Mariam Samadashvili, Oto Lortkipanidze, Rezi Khukhunaishvili


Teenage violence is one of the most serious and at the same time ignored problem in Georgia. What bears cruelty in children? In what kind of environment do they live and how does this environment affect their lives? What is parent’s attitude towards teenagers and youngsters? Where are they? How safe is school where children should be prepared for real life? What are you capable of, when the violence is often encouraged in the country, when oppression is usual and teachers are not competent in fighting against bullying? How teenagers behave in this kind of situation? What are their ways of solution and how radical could be their decisions? “Open space” will show a story about 15 years old criminal, Lasha-Giorgi, who decided to “save” his schoolmates from this cruel world. How he makes his dream come true? Real school students will tell us this cruel story and speak about those problems, which has become their routine.

Premiere will be held in the frames of Georgian Showcase 2018

Duration: 70 minutes, without intermission
The tour group: 10 persons

“Open space of Experimental art“ was founded in 2016 with the aim, to develop visual and performing arts in Georgia.
The theater group of the company works to research new views, methods, and forms and give opportunity for those artists, who want to make non-classical theatrical processes in alternative space. The creative group of open space, people from the different fields’ art, actively reacts to the political and social processes in the country. Theatre performances “God of Hunger’, “Sorrow”, “Parents Meeting” and Social Performances: “Labor Code/Non Class Reading” and Andro Dadiani’s “Thicker Skin“- draw attention to the problems: Poverty, Homelessness, Neglect of the rights of workers, homophobia, different types of violence and to people as the result of all these, with their feelings and memories from childhood, determining our lives.
During these two years “Open space” has its audience and it managed to take place in cultural processes, such as activist group for whom theatre is the weapon, in the battle for human rights.

Contact Information:
Artistic Director of Theatre: Mikheil Charkviani, Davit Khorbaladze
General Manager: Ana Gurgenidze
Contact Person:  Ana Gurgenidze
Tel: +995 551 400 403


Mikheil Charkviani

Mikhail Charkviani -  stage director. He is a co-founder of Open Space, its stage director, painter and artistic director. He graduated from the Shota Rustaveli Georgian State University of Theatre and Cinema, Drama Department. He is an award-winning director (Independent Duruji Awards and Tsinandali Awards in the field of theatre).