International Program

Program type: International Program
Beginning at: 20:00 - Wednesday, 26 September
Location: Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre (The Roof)
Jan-Erik Sääf

Freud's Cigar - The one man musical about Sigmund Freud

Musical theatre

Directed by Andreas Boonstra
Composer  Jan-Erik Sääf
Designer  Åsa Cowburn
Photographer Mikael Silkeberg
Script, lyrics, music: Jan-Erik Sääf
Idea and evidence: Dr Björn Roslund
English translation: Owen Robertson. 

Jonas Nerbe, Sara Kihlman Wibe (actor, violin), Anders Holtz (actor, piano)


About performance:

This is a One-man musical with piano and violin, about Sigmund Freud and his theories. It is also a personal journey in your mind recognizing thoughts and dreams we all have and how to interpret there messages. It contains a lot of humor, drama, sing-a-long and great musik.




”Freud’s cigar is a playful and pedagogical puzzle raised to entertainment through the clever ideas of director Andreas Boonstra. Jonas Nerbe plays several parts in a relaxed and virtuoso manner. He has a charisma that makes everyone think of sex as soon as he waves his pen or raises his eyebrows.”



”Jan Erik Sääf (script, lyrics, music) and the director Andreas Boonstra has chosen a humoristic approach to the father of psychoanalysis. Audience contact, soft dildos and a musician trio in false beards makes Freud’s cigar a lighthearted and entertaining revue of thesis’s and concepts.”

”Jonas S Nerbe succeeds splendidly in creating nuances in this One Man show. The actor and singer fills the salon with his presence. When he eventually sinks onto the sofa he´s well worth a rest after two hours  of full-blown action.”

Tidningen Kulturen

SMT is an independent group that creates musical theatre. We use the expression of theatre to convey a fairly complex material. We choose complex subjects and make them accessible in an entertaining and comprehensive way. We use a direct approach and love the close interaction with the audience.