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Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 15:00 - Tuesday, 22 December
Alex Chigvinadze

View from Hotel Georgia

Directed by   Ivane (Vano) khutsishvili
Scenography By  Teo Kukhianidze
Costume Designer: Teo Kukhianidze
Composer / musical adaptation: George Jikia


The Cast: 
Ilia- Revaz Tatalashvili, Lili – Lili khuriti, Rauli – Zviad Fkhikleshvili, Petre – Gedevan Kevlishvili, Mzia – Irma Chilhladze , Omar – Anexandre Labadze, Tartoise  – Giviko Baratashvili


About Performance:

The play directed by Ioane (Vano) Khutsishvili has been written by a playwright Alex Chigvinadze, especially for this project.

Despite the fact that it’s been 30 years since the Abkhaz-Georgian war took place, the majority of internally displaced persons still live under poor conditions.

The main character of the play is one of the internally displaced persons from Abkhazia. A blind man living with his sister in a small room in the hotel “Georgia” in the center of the city. In the dark hallways of a once-prestigious hotel, everything resembles loss. Brother-sister mundane dynamic shifts when they receive an unexpected guest from Abkhazia who brings a gift that reminds them of the past and motivates them to analyze it.

The casting of the play includes blind and visually impaired amateur actors alongside the professional cast. The play is based on their interviews and it is written in a form that helps visually impaired and blind audiences to understand the scenes completely.

This project is an experimental concept that eradicates the limit to human capacity and creates a new structure in playwriting and theatre.


Date of Premire: 13.02.2020
Duration:  70 mins, without intermission
The tour group: 14 persons


Non-entrepreneurial (Non-commercial) Legal Entity “Artisterial” was established for implementation of various educational and creative projects. Its objective is to develop performing arts (theatrical in particular) through various projects, however its key goal is to engage people with visual impairments in performing processes. Our organization’s first attempt to collaborate with people with visual impairments was made with a new act - “A view from Hotel  Sakartvelo”. People with visual impairments led the act, and it was fully adapted to other people with other disabilities. 


Contact information
Project Manager –
Sophio Sikharulidze
Tel: (+995)  577270981
E-mail:  sikharulidzesophio@gmail.com