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Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 19:00 - Friday, 18 December
Paata Tsikolia

MEDEA s01e06

Directed by  Paata Tsikolia
Scenography By  Ira Shengelia
Costume Designer: Ira Shengelia
Composer / musical adaptation: Tamar Putkaradze
Choreographer:  Natia Chikvaidze
Assistant to director: Maia Mebonia


The Cast:
Gia Burjanadze, Ekaterine Demetradze, Sandro Samkharadze. Dancers: Maggie Zarkua, Eka Darsavelidze, Ekaterine Bekauri, Sopho Sherazadashvili, Anano Gabitsinashvili, Irakli Bigvava, Alexander Gadelia, Giorgi Burduli, Alexander Kakulia.


About Performance:
The markings on the title s01e06 are a kind of speculation about the latest passion of the society with TV series. The numbers in the title indicate that the performance that we are about to see is the sixth episode of the first season of the series about the Medea. Which in turn implies that we see only a fragment of Medea's history. The story started a long time ago and there is still a long way to go to the culmination. In this particular episode, Medea is still in Colchis and helps Jason and the Argonauts to kidnap the Golden Fleece. Medea is known to all as the murderer of her children. However, in this episode we will introduce her as a princess acting against the will of her family and the king her father. She kills her younger brother in order to escape from the pursuit of the Colchian fleet.


Date of Premire: 03.09.2020
Duration:  90 minute

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