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Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 20:00 - Saturday, 19 December
Theatre. Jean-Paul Sartre

No Exit

Directed by  George Chaladze
Scenography By  Anna Dolidze
Costume Designer: Anna Dolidze
Composer / musical adaptation: Ia Gigoshvili
Assistant to director: Natalia Arveladze


Tamar Mamulashvili, Khatia Melkadze, Nika Chkaidze, George Jikuridze


About Performance
Award for the best Director at the Digital Theatre Festival "Mooz-Art"
Three people meet in one locked space; they do not know each other. However, they try to find out why they are tied with each other to exit their past and horrible present. All their attempts are in vain, no one can escape from the closed circle. Today the closed space has become especially metaphorical; like the characters from a play, the world pandemic has put our society in some kind of “devil’s circle” and gave us “dangerously” a long time for thinking...


Date of Premire: 14.10.2020
Duration: 55  min (without  intermission)
The tour group: 10 Persons

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