Full Program

Program type: International Program
Starts at: 15:00 - Thursday, 17 December

Of Riders and Running Horses

Genre Dance

Directed and Choreographed  by  Dan Canham
Composer:  Luke Harney and Sam Halmarack
Designer ; Bianca Ward
Photographer: Paul Blakemore


About performance:

The stars are out. Dancing under the open sky makes a felt difference. It moves itself differently. And these age-old sediments no longer stick to my bones, melting in the blood. – Michael Klien Night. We find a space in the margins of the city in which to gather: to start an ad hoc ceremony, to stamp our feet and shake our limbs, to dance in the face of an ending. Of Riders & Running Horses is a stirring and visceral dance event by Still House created as a communal animation of urban spaces. Six female dancers and a live band conjure a new kind of old dance, an insistent rhythm, a joyful step into what it means to move together. The music is a rider and we are running horses.


Duration: 50 Minutes

Through his company Still House, Dan Canham makes work across a variety of forms that include theatre, dance, events, film and audio-visual installation.
Dan is artistic director and chief investigator of Still House and he works collaboratively with a diverse range of practitioners.