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Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 18:00 - Sunday, 06 October
Maka Kukulava

In bed with Mira

Maka Kukulava
In bed with Mira

Directed by –Sopo Kelbakiani
Costume designer Liza Chichinadze
Composer Erekle Getsadze


The Cast:
Nino Kasradze, Shako Mirianashvili, Irakli Gogoladze

Date of Premire:25.04.2019
Duration: 90 Minutes, without intermission
The tour group:8 persons


About the performance:

Mira is a famous TV person who hosts a weekly entertainment program called “In bed with Mira”. The guests of TV show are mostly celebrities who are invited in bed with Mira and to answer her questions in this unusual pattern. The stage of the performance is a TV show panel and there’s a feeling that the audience is attending a TV show recording.

The show starts with Mira inviting her guest, when a young man from the audience grabs a gun, rushes to the stage and holds Mira hostage. Young man demands to be aired on TV live, handed  money and guaranteed that he will leave the building of TV company securely along with Mira.  Leo - the producer of TV show is communicating with Mira through headphones, and is trying to assure her that all the demands will be met and Mira will stay unharmed in this incident.

However, throughout the course of the performance the audience finds out that this whole ordeal was created by the producer himself, who was trying to boost the popularity of a show which as he himself says to Mira was doomed to fall as she was losing her popular appeal.

The plot of performance offers another twist as the hired terrorist turns out to be aggressive himself and states that it is indeed an attack on a TV host and that he is capable of doing what he had promised, if he is not given money.

The audience is dazzled with incredibly dynamic rhythm of the performance and unpredictable scenario, which tries to shed the light on a question of who the true hostage is.

Theatre on Athoneli, a small independent theatre was founded by Revaz Salukvadze in 2005.  The art director of the theater is a renowned Georgian actress Nana Pachuashvili.

Theatre on Athoneli doesn’t have its own troop of performers, therefore it is mostly occupied by young actors and directors, who are given an opportunity to show their works to public.

Since its birth the Theatre on Athoneli has hosted a variety of interesting and popular performances staged by Temur Chkheidze, Keti Dolidze and others: Immigrants, Good Morning 100 Bucks!,  Queen Mother and performed by celebrated Georgian artists Nana Pachuashvili, Nineli Chankvetadze, Ramas Ioseliani, Zura Kipshidze, Goga Pipinashvili among others.


Contact information:
Theater art director: Nana Pachuashvili
Contact person: Tinatin Salukvadze
Tel: +995 599285000


Sofia Kelbakiani

2007 graduated Tbilisi State Academy of Arts / Faculty of Media-Art, Digital Multimedia, Specialty of Media-Art /

1014 graduated  Modern Art Development Center - Temur Chkheidze's Laboratory / Specialty - Theater Director /

2009-2013 worked as a theater director and an painter - experimental theater "Pano" / founder /

2015 Royal District Theater Performance - "Homeland" / "Paper Airplane" /

2017 Theater on Atoneli Play - "after the end" / director /

2018 Royal District Theater Performance - "from the life of the marionettes " / director /

2019 Theater on Atoneli Performance - " In the bed with Mira" / director /

Works as a theater director and painter.