Full Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 00:00 - Saturday, 05 October
Location: Nodar Dumbadze Professional Youth Theatre, Tbilisi (Big Stage)
Winnie Karnofka, Sebastian Schimmel


Winnie Karnofka, Sebastian Schimmel

Directed by –
Jule Kracht
Scenography by  Nino Chitaishvili, Karsten Schmidt
Musical adaptation by Sophia Akhuashvili
Assistant to the director Khatuna sadzaglishvili


The Cast:
Sophia Akhuashvili, Giorgi Jikuridze

Date of a Premiere: 
13.04.2019 - Leipzig
4.05.2019 - Tbilisi
Duration:  40 min, without intermission
The tour group: 5


About Performance:
"SplikviFant" - a compound of the Georgian and German word for "elephant" - is a co-production for children created in international cooperation between the Nodar Dumbadze State Youth Theatre Tbilisi and the Theatre of the Young World Leipzig.
Two rooms and two beds for a boy and a girl who want to sleep. Shake the pillow again. Light off! Good night! And then: they cannot sleep! What can they do? Tired boredom makes the imagination tick: Was there something? In the twilight things develop a life of their own; are there, gone, there, away. The limits of reality seem to shift. What if the toy box suddenly has magical abilities and is now just under the room another world? And if, yes - what am I doing with somebody? First of all, say hello!

At its 90 Nodar Dumbadze Professional State Youth Theatre is still full of energy and life. Ever since its inception Youth Theatre has had a unique job of teaching a new generation to love theatre and art. We use universal values to form a new Georgian society. Our theatre has most various audiences, the repertoire is divided into three age categories – we have plays for children, youth and adults, some of them are played in two languages – Georgian and Russian and if you speak neither you can enjoy our plays with no text. Theatre repertoire is rich in genres: drama, comedy, musical, choreography, tales, adventure stories, melodramas and others. A friendly and creative atmosphere, professional and devoted company, interesting and various plays – this is State Youth Theatre.


Contact information:
Theater art director: Dimitri Khvtisiashvili
Contact person: Sophia Dekanozishvili
Tel:+995 551087764