Full Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 20:00 - Sunday, 06 October
Location: Nodar Dumbadze Professional Youth Theatre, Tbilisi (Big Stage)
Guram Jakhutashvili

Statistic of a Step

Guram Jakhutashvili
Statistic of a Step

Directed by – Tata Tavdishvili
Set design by Tato Geliashvili
Costume designer Tato Geliashvili
Choreography by Tato Geliashvili
Composer Michél
Assistant to the director Marine Papushvili


The Cast:
Gia Kenchoshvili Giorgi Mukmaniani Shalva Khvedelidze, Lela Qochishvili, Tina Miqautidze, Tamaz Panchulidze, Maka Tsutsqiridze, Guram Shukakidze Achiko Khvedelidze, Tato Geliashvili, Tata Tavdishvili

Date of Premire: 08.11.2018
Duration:  40 mins , without Intermission
The tour group: 16


About Performance:
This upcoming performance is our way of responding to the social and life-related problems prevalent in the society today. The verse “Statistic of a Step” by definition is exploring lifetime goals and trying to inquire into following questions: “which footsteps are actually and really meant to be forward during a day”, “what are or are not humans capable of doing to change their world for better?!”. Those are fundamental questions that should always be trails for our actions and answers to those questions, should help us realize how accomplished our lives are and how humane we became. Nowadays, new endeavors of the physical theatre are gradually establishing themselves as modern storytelling which help solidify improvements in our theatrical life. Moving this type of theatrical research and methods from cities to the regions, would benefit the theatre itself and breathe new life into its dated existence.

Staged performance “Statistic of a Step” is based on the verse that carry the same name being written by Guram Jakhutashvili. Our objective is to make methods of the modern storytelling of the physical theatre such as the electronic music, video installations, etc. available to residents leaving out in regions of Georgia especially youth. Besides, it is important to familiarize the theatre troupe with a working model of the physical theatre that is regarded as one of the leading directions in Europe for nowadays. As for the main message of the performance, we are striving for our audience to develop motives, drives and strong sentiments that a struggle for better tomorrow is never meaningless, the significance of which is to understand and believe in each step we make that shall bring benevolence and positive vibes not only for us and for people around us.

Chiatura is a densely populated city in west Georgia.

The demand for forming a permanent company and hold performances has emerged from the very beginning of city foundation, in the region, well-known for manganese production. Towards the end of the nineteenth century due to extensive efforts and initiatives of Georgian public figures a number of theatres opened simultaneously in Georgia, one of them being Chiatura drama theatre active from December 11th 1894. 
The history of the theater consists of important dates, events and successes:

In 1901 the theatre hosted a renowned play „Little Kakhi“ by Georgian writer AkakiTsereteli. 

From 1910 the theatre had a permanent company of its own. 

Twenties and thirties of the past century are considered to be the heyday of the theatre. Under the leadership of Pavle Prangishvili the theatre hosted not only national plays but plays by world-famous classics such as William Shakespeare, Moliere, Lope de Vega and others. 

In 1949 Chiatura drama theatre moved to the building from the year 1946 built right after the end of the World War Two. The highlight of the building is the painted ceiling of the theatre auditorium by Georgian painter Robert Sturua. Theatre façade is adorned with a sculpture of AkakiTsereteli by sculptor Valerian Topuridze. 

In 1949 Chiatura drama theatre was named in honor of Akaki Tsereteli. 

In the second half of the twentieth century Chiatura drama theatre gained an international acclaim by winning twice at union festivals and receiving a main price at International Festival of Hungary. The theater actively takes part in international festivals organized in Georgia, its performances and actors have been named as the owners of highest prizes many times, including Imereti, regional and international theater festivals.

Chiatura theater frequently performs on tour, and hosts different companies. Georgian directors actively cooperate with Chiatura drama theatre, among them are the representatives of young generation. 

In the beginning of 2017, the stage of the theater was renovated and equipped with corresponding technology. The company consists of the actors of different generations. The artistic director of the theater is MamukaTsertsvadze, since 2013 and the director  - Nana Tsereteli.