Full Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 18:00 - Saturday, 05 October
Location: Shota Rustaveli State Drama Theatre (Experimental Stage)
Gocha khvichia


Gocha khvichia

Directed by – Gocha khvichia
Scenography by Tamara Letodiani
Costume designer Tamara Letodiani
Composer/musical adaptation by Gocha meghvinishvili; Group-,,Asea sool”
Assistant to the director Maia Stefania


The Cast:
Tatia tatarashvili, Mariam chokhonelidze, Zurab khaftani, Ana mchedlidze, Demo abdelani, Ketevan abashidze

Date of Premire: 25.10.2018
Duration:  60 Minutes, without intermission
The tour group: 13


About Performance:

Marriage out of the will. The deprived right to get an education, the limited possibilities of personal development, social isolation, feminization of poverty, the victim of gender discrimination and sexual violence - a small girl with horrifying story is a victim of early marriage.

“The Other theatre”  - Anerptise/.there is no permanent troupe but represents collaborative space working on experimental projects together with the other creative groups. The Other Theater is a new platform, the main direction of which is to work on socio-cultural and socio-political issues. We work with the reality, we work together with performers as subjects living, observing and fighting in this context. From the very beginning, The Other Theater for solving social problems tries to provide the audience with the factual information and aesthetic considerations. Uses dramatic representation of social impact based on pre-existing documentary material. The main aim of The Other Theater is to be sort of a catalyst for social changes that will affect human values, attitude even actions of individuals and life of each human being