Full Program

Program type: International Program
Starts at: 20:00 - Wednesday, 02 October
Location: Nodar Dumbadze Professional Youth Theatre, Tbilisi (Big Stage)
NŠ¾dar Dumbadze

I See the Sun



Directed by Dmitry Khvtisiashvili

Designer Lomgul Murusidze

Music Adapted by  Dmitry Khvtisiashvili

Duration: 155 min, without intermission



Nikita Krotovich, Olga Sinitsa, Arina Ryabychina, Irina Tsvetkova, Nikolay Leonchik, Andrei Korolevich, Vasily Kozlov, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Leonid Ulashchenko, Alexander Polozkov, Tatiana Rozhavskaya, Gennady Goransky, Ivan Ushakevich, Alexander Gladky, Catherine Krylova, Vlad Vinogradov, Ivan Shrubeyko, Natalya Gorbatenko



Jumber - Kirill Nikitin

Kukuri - Nikolay Vorobey

Anzor - Yegor Fedorov

Vlad Vinogradov

Dmitry Kozel

Pavel Terekhov



About performance:

The teenager Soso is not yet taken as a soldier - not adult enough. His war is hard work in the field, study, help aunt Keto and classmate Hatia. Sosoya leads the girl to school, because the only thing from the whole world that blind Hatia sees is sun. And if she does, there is hope that vision can be returned! When the war ends.

For now, the small Georgian village works throughout day and night to get a win and keeps waiting for their children back from the front. Because they have to, they have to come back! Otherwise whom Hatia will look at sun with? Who will sow corn and restore the mill? Who will marry beautiful aunt Keto?..


The stage-play “I see the sun” is based on the homonymous novel of Georgian classical writer Nodar Dumbadze. The play was presented at the stage of the institution “Honored team of the Republic of Belarus “Belarusian State Academic Theater of the Young Spectator” by Dimitri Khvtisiashvili, the art Director of «Tbilisi N. Dumbadze Professional State Young Spectator Theatre».


The performance is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Republic of Belarus from the German fascist invaders





Institution «Honored team of the Republic of Belarus «Belarusian State Academic Theater of the Young Spectator» -

the only theater in the country for children, youth and young people.

The theater of the young spectator was opened in 1931. In 1941, the Great Patriotic War interrupted the creative activity of the theater. The work of the Theater was resumed only in 1956.

In 2008-2014 there was a significant reconstruction of the theater building.

The directors of the most famous performances are the famous Evstigney Mirovich, Boris Erin, Nikolay Sheiko. The repertoire of the theater consists of fabulous, historical, classical literary and dramatic works, as well as those that are included in the school curriculum.

Since 2015, the classical repertoire of the theater is represented by the works by J.-B. Moliere, W. Shakespeare, M. Meterlink, E. Porter, C. Colland, H.-C. Andersen, S. Perro, S. Marshak, K. Chukovsky.