Full Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 20:00 - Friday, 04 October
Location: Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre (Big Stage)
Basa Janikashvili

Cinema in the Theatre

Directed by Besik Kupreishvili
Scenography by Elene Pirtskhalava
Costumes designer Elene Pirtskhalava
Music arranged by Zurab Gagloshvili

Video by Nikoloz Gagloshvili
Assistant to the director Tamar Pruidze 


Cast: Elene Pirtskhalava, Mariam Kuprashvili, Zaza Kakabadze, Ana Grigolia, Tamar Pruidze, Ketevan Kantidze

Premiere will be held in the frames of Georgian Showcase

Duration: 60 min, without Intermission

About Performance:


Performance Cinema in the Theatre is a 60-minute fairy tale, which contains small independent stories with one common thing: everything is a part of one big beautiful narrative
Basa Janikashvili wrote a story about love and actors are narrating it with fingers and puppets.
Love story is accompanied with a lot of adventures, resistance, expectations, dreams which came true and also with the dreams which are waiting to be embodied.

The performance is presented in a very unusual way: it seems like filmmaking.

The audience has an opportunity to keep an eye on the performance on the cinema screen as well as on the stage.

After successfully staging several sketches at children’s art studio Mtiebi in Batumi, Beso Kupreishvili decided to create a Fingers Theatre.Back in 1991 Batumi Actors House hosted a youth theatre-studio 99 + 2 with its play Extravaganza. The audience was enthralled by the originality of the presentation involving costumed fingers. Fingers were dressed in costumes. They danced and moved fabulously. Despite the variety of genres the theatre has offered ever since, the name of Theatre of Fingers stuck. The theatre was officially presented in Tbilisi in 2006 and since 2007 has been performing in Marjanishvili Drama Theatre.
The theatre has successfully participated in 22 international and festivals, biennales and exhibitions. It has toured its productions in more than 20 countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. The participation of the theatre in international forums is prompted by the variety of repertoire and originality of expression.



Artistic Director: Beso Kupreishvili
Contact Person: Mariam Kuprashvili
Tel.: +995 598 450 444; +995 577 462 134;
E-mail: besso_k@yahoo.com
Address: 8 Marjanishvili Str., Tbilisi