To host the theatre festival is the great pleasure and prestige, but as well rare opportunity for all the cities and countries.

One should have the best theatre and audience to become the host country for the festival. This is the main condition, but there are many other important conditions, too.

Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre was established by Tbilisi City Hall in May 2009. Nowadays there are all conditions for international cultural life in Tbilisi. We hope that Tbilisi International Festival of theatre, with the other festivals and cultural events, will be the main crossroad for the development stage.

The aim of the festival is to enrich the cultural life of Tbilisi and Georgia with the best works of modern Art and Culture. As well to promote Georgian Art, to introduce it to the International Festivals and Cultural Institutions; To collaborate with Media for more attention and development. Also to create “Showcase” for Georgian audience and vice versa to make Georgian "Showcase" for foreign audience.


TBILISI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THEATRE is a newly founded one – young FESTIVAL. It was founded in 2009- in order to popularize Tbilisi, its culture and its unique atmosphere. Every September the festival gathers artists from all around the world in Tbilisi, the city where their most courageous ideas are truly valued; where the experienced audience is waiting to greet them. 
The festival was founded by the Tbilisi municipality as an LEPL The festival is an independent organization. The head of the festival and the counselors are in charge of the festival policy and the program. The festival team and volunteers are working on the production of the festival program.

Festival consists of:

  • International assemblies and symposiums of critics “culture bridge” (since 2010)
  • Master classes, workshops and exhibitions (since 2009)

Special events and programs for artists, public and guests will add passion to FESTIVAL


The Festival’s key, INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM is organized during the year on the basis of the invitations of Festival. We have exceptions though when it’s the appeal of a theatre company that interests us. The search of the companies through different sources:

  1. Recommendation from the Festival partners
  2. Recommendation from the Association of International and Georgian Critics as well as from the independent critics.
  3. Recommendation of the Festival Board
  4. The companies presented at different theatre festivals
  5. Through different professional sources of information; publications of theatres and festivals. Through the information about the different theater awards We choose plays that are innovative, subtle, valuable in a certain way: idea, text, freshness, figurativeness- this is how we choose a play as they direct the dramaturgy of the Festival.


The first appearance of the program “NEW” was in 2011. The program is competitive and is announced in a couple of international news portals. As a result we choose a play that will be guaranteed financially by the Festival in the following: a hotel, per diems (maximum 3 days) and space. The start of the program was not an easy one. However, since 2012 “NEW” has become one of the key directions of the Festival. Vision of the program:

  • Attraction of the theatre companies and their performances, yet unknown to us, with a small budget
  • Popularization of the Festival by means of new introductions, apart from the famous faces. Formation of a new, international “SHOWECASE”
  • Creating possibility of variable choice
  • Expanding the international program of the Festival by means of a small budget.


The idea of the program emerged at the numerous proposals the Festival has had since 2009. We thought it wouldn’t be right to restrict the Festival to its key program. Moreover, we had our starting point. So we made our first sketch of the program “NEW”. The program has analogues all around the world and they work in their own, individual ways (Festival d’Avignon –“OFF”; Edinburgh Festival – “FRINGE” and so on ). The program is just 2 years old and we hope that it will develop itself and have a great success in Tbilisi, as well as abroad. Yet the interest and the amount of proposals is steady. PROGRAM “NEW” includes:

  • Innovative projects and plays
  • Street performances
  • A young theatre, yet unknown


GEORGIAN SHOWCASE PROGRAM is the most “tender” part of the project and serves to the popularization of the Georgian modern theatre. Every year the Festival presents the latest of the Georgian plays, that are attended by the heads of the Festival, the critics, art dealers, the heads of the theatres from all around Europe, Asia and the USA.


Geography:Iran, China, Germany, England, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Japan, Italy, Canada, Korea, Romania, Sweden, France, Latvia, the Netherlands, Oman, Turkey, Japan, Austria, Estonia, Iran, Holland.
Publicity:Russia, Great Britain, Iran, Italy, Japan, Estonia, Poland, Finland, India, China, Germany, France, Korea, Canada.

Much has been written about the plays in international press. The SHOWCASE program is of great importance to Georgian audience and the critics, for it plays a significant role in forming the image of the season as a whole. We have to admit though, that the GEORGIAN SHOWCASE is slowly settling down on the international map; the program of Georgian plays is becoming more and more popular, thus attracting more friends and partners, getting popular in Europe. We think the program is vital as the theatres are ready to represent themselves according to the international standards.