Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 15:00 - Monday, 21 December
Avtandil Varsimashvili

2030, We have nothing to lose

Directed by   Avtandil Varsimashvili
Scenography By Mirian Shvelidze
Costume Designer: Natalia Kobaxidze
Composer / musical adaptation: Levan Miqeladze
Choreographer : Tata Tavdishvili
Assistant to director: Rusudan Shoshitaishvili


The Cast:
Mamuka mumladze, Ani Aladashvili, Lasha Gurgenidze, Shako Mirianashvili, Elizbar Zviadadze

About Performance:
Anti-utopian play directed by Avto Varsimashvili. According to "Welcomeo Bouchon" by Jean Dell and Gerald Sibleyras.
In terms of genre, this is a farce; the action takes place in the future - in 2030. The authors themselves called the play "European farce".
A play in which he mocks the vices, boredom and desire to live at the expense of others. A play that sharply exposes the so-called viciousness of "European liberal values" and shows the tragic consequences of forgetting one's own national values ​​and traditions.



Date of Premire: 19.09.2019
Duration:  150 mins, with one intermission
The tour group: 12 persons

“Liberty Theatre is a property of famous Georgian director Avtandil Varsimashvili. The second theatre after “Theatral Basement” that Mr. Varsimashvili opened in Tbilisi. The architectural form of the theatre is the ship, the representation of liberty.

“Liberty Theatre” is one of the top Georgian theatres. It is the only Georgian theatre where the tickets are sold two-three weeks before the play.

Theatre has 20 professional actors of different age. Theatre’s program includes 15 plays, which are delivered every day, except Monday.
On the basis of “Liberty Theatre” was created “Vars-Studia”, which makes feature films. The studio produced 2 feature films, which had fantastic success in Georgia’s movie theatres.
“Liberty Theatre’s” actors have an active collaboration with television, so they are one of the most popular faces in Georgia.
“Liberty Theatre” tours a lot and participates in different theatric festivals. Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Egypt, Turkey, Greece are among the countries which applauded “Liberty Theatre’s” plays.


Contact information:

Contact Person: Tornike  Glonti
(+995)  591939956