Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 19:00 - Sunday, 02 October
Przemysław Pilarski

Daddy Hangs Himself in the Forest

Director: Davit Khorbaladze
Composer / musical adaptation: Davit Khorbaladze, Natia Mikadze
Assistant to the director: Iva Fezuashvili & Beka Fezuashvili


The cast:
Sandro Samkharadze


About Performance:
Daddy Hangs Himself in the Forest is a video performance based on a play by contemporary Polish playwright Przemysław Pilarski. It tells the story of childhood psychological traumas of a young man in a manner replete with black humor and sadness.
The protagonist is isolated in an indefinite space surrounded by his early-life nightmares. He is constantly trying to connect with himself and escape from the phantom of Father-Batman, but invariably fails.
This video work is an attempt to use remote communication with the audience as a new theatre medium and to explore the possibility of a live contact outside more traditional theatre spaces.
We invite you to join us on this dark pseudo-meditative journey through a consciousness full of vexed dreams, pop culture imagery and disturbing cultural references all the way to a finale you could not imagine.
The project was funded by Dialogue and Development House (Georgia), Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Poland) and supported by Open Space | centre for performing and visual arts


Date of Premire:  07.12.2020
Duration: 62 minutes without  intermission

Tbilisi New Drama Festival is the joint platform for dramaturgy and performance art, aiming to promote and develop art experiment, free and alternative creative process in Georgia. 
Festival aims to create contemporary art experience tailored to time and place, as for the authors based in Georgia as well as for those people for whom the art is the space for free self-expression, reflection and critical research. 
Tbilisi New Drama Festival’s program includes performances created according to the plays written exclusively for the festival and hosts the various creative-theatrical unions, musicians and artists, sharing the views of the New Drama Festival. 
Tbilisi New Drama Festival supported by Tbilisi City Hall and Ministry of Culture of Georgia. 
Partners:Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Poland) , Radio Liberty (Georgia), ARTAREA TV (Georgia). Open Space | centre for performing and visual arts (Georgia)


Contact information:
Curator: Sopho  kilasonia
Tel: +995 555 54 14 75