Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 21:00 - Saturday, 01 October
Anton Chekov

The Seagull

Director : Andro Enukidze
Designer: Gogla Gogiberidze
Choreographer: Kote Purtseladze
Assistant to the director: Zviad Murvanidze, Teona Lortkipanidze


The cast:
Arkadina – Maia Tsetskhladze
Treplev – Mamuka Manjgaladze
Sorin – Zaal Goguadze
Zarechnaya – Ano Zurashvili
Shamrayaev – Zaza Zoidze
Polina – Ketevan Egutidze
Masha – Anano Iashvili
Trigorin – Davit Jakeli
Dorn – Tite Komakhidze
Medvedenko – Lasha Kontselidze
Yakov - Giorgi Kurava
A strange man – Kakha Kobaladze


About Performance:
Great playwrights create their own theatres and talk to us with eternal themes. Anton Chekhov’s “The Seagull” is a masterpiece of the so called “New Drama” which is important  in all times -  it is sarcastic, highly dramatic, ironic, full of symbolism, modernist and at the same time apocalyptic as well -  so accurately responding  to our prostrate pandemic life.  
There are so many psychological layers in the play, so many character lines or destinies intersect that it implies new directorial reading always , new vision and  form , which the Artistic Director Andro Enukidze and the actors  are already offering to spectators.


Date of Premire:  20.05.2021
Duration: 180 minutes with one  intermission

Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze State Drama Theatre is located in the center of Batumi. It was opened in 1952 and is the oldest drama theatre in Ajara Region. To this day the Theatre is regarded as the center of cultural and creative life of the city and the region.

The Artistic Director of the Theatre is a distinguished stage director Andro Enukidze. Performances cover various genres: comedies, tragedies, phantasmagorias, performances for children and youth.

In 2015-2018 the Theatre was completely rehabilitated. The building now has“Big Stage” in the with 453 seats and an “Experimental Stage” with 120 seats. The theatre also has a “New Stage” with 85 seats not far away from main maing building.


Contact information:
Artistic director: Andro Enukidze
Head of marketing and public relations department: Mikheil Gabaidze
Tel:  577947080 / 555 366 399 / 577 98 08 58
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