Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 15:00 - Sunday, 02 October
Florian Zeller

The Son

Director : David Chkhartishvili
Scenography by: Tamar Chavchanidze
Costumes Designer: Tamar Chavchanidze
Composer / musical adaptation: Meri Beroshvili
Assistant to the director: Sofi Drulevi

The cast:
Pierre – Giorgi Goguadze
Nicolas - Dachi Babunashvili
Anne - Ana Matuashvili
Sofia – Keti Luarsabishvili             
Doctor – Koba Kopadze
Assistants  - Sofi Drulevi,  Giorgi Chochnidze, Mariam Olgesashvili


About Performance:
This is a story about teenager with whom  the dialogue has been failed. To be a parent and a child at the same time, means to provide a time connection between past and future. It means to be the part of eternal flow of time; the chain of life and accept  the rules which are not determined yourself  and in reality no one knows where they are from...
Performance is dedicated to our children and to the time which is not spent with them.

Date of Premire:  02.04.2021
Duration: 80 minutes



The establishment of the theatre in Gori in 19th century is one of the most important moments in the history of Georgian theatre - the first production presented on newly established theatre was the comedy “ Inexperience or  Temporary Separation of Love, by Dimitri Megvinetukhucesishvili  in 1845 (May 1 and 8; July 11 and August 7).

The leading figure of Georgian theatre and dramaturgy was George Eristavi, who started his work in Gori. Subsequently his company performed the comedy Division in Tbilisi on January 14,  1850. Indeed, since then, Gori has played an important role in the development of the performing arts in Georgia.  

Following the production of Division,  Eristavi staged a play “ Mean”  in Gori. The date of the premiere (July 26, 1865) of Mean is marked as the official opening of the theatre in Gori.

By the way, women were, from the very beginning, important members of the company in Gori; this at a time when the gender balance of theatre companies was quite iniqual in the other regions of Georgia.

In 1939, a new, 500-seater theatre was built for the Gori Theatre. It was named after George Eristavi.

Since then many important artists have worked at the Eristavi Theatre, which remains an  active and productive theatre to this day.


Contact information:

Artistic Director: David Chkhartishvili 
Tel: (+995) 577 38 52 86