Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 21:00 - Sunday, 02 October
Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon

Family uproar

Director: Nino Lipartiani
Scenography by: Nino Lipartiani
Costumes Designer: Natia Beradze
Composer / musical adaptation: Nino Lipartiani
Assistant to the director: Mari Abesadze


The cast:
Frederic-Temur Kiknavelidze
Arman-Badri Tabatadze
Maria-Nino Abesadze
Gertrude-Marekh Abesadze
Silvia-Barbare Sujashvili
Gilbert-Giorgi Chachua
Frank-Zurab Abesadze
Carolina-Mimoza Gogokhia
Estela-Nana Isiani
Legrand-Giorgi Gloveli
Siprien- Temur Qveliashvili


About Performance:
The French play “Family Uproar” is a story of  one family after the death of rich father –ambitions and desires of  children ,   hopes of pragmatic and materialist sons and daughters dash way gredaually.   The end of the play is especially emotional when all their attempts to get the benefits  turn to be  in vain.   

Date of Premire:  08.06.2021
Duration: 1 h 45 minutes without intermission


Zestafoni is one of the  most important towns  in west part of Georgia  - both economically  and culturally.  
The interest towards  theatre performances here was already obvious since  1875 and later Zestafoni State Theatre was officially founded in 1939.
During the Second World War most actors of the Theatre were taken to the II World War  and Theatre was closed. In May 1962 the present  building of  Zestafoni Theatre was opened and soon after the public Theatre of Zestafoni was titled the name of  Ushangi Chkheidze – the renowned artist of beginnun of 20th century.  In 1990 year the Zestafoni public Theatre  became  State . The State Theatre soon was distinguished with its creative power of at the international and national Festivals inside the country and outside in Sweden, Mexico, Armenia and etc.  There are at least 5 premieres of classic and modern dramaturgy  in each theatrical season. The Company consists of  12 actors.  We participate in festivals both in Georgia and abroad with success.


Contact information:
Theatre Director: Thea Maglakelidze
Tel: (+995) 599 17 04 01