Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 16:00 - Saturday, 01 October
‚ÄěLife before a Tenancy" by Irakli Samsonadze

When You Really Miss Me

Director: Avto Varsimashvili
Scenography by: Miriran Shvelidze
musical adaptation: Avto Varsimashvili
Assistant to the director: David  Nacvlishvili


The cast:
Tornike – Vano Iantbelidze
Zaza – Paata Guliashvili


About Performance:
„When You Really Miss Me" is a title given to play by stage director. Original name of one act darama , written by Georgian Writer and dramaturg Irakli Samsonadze specially for Telavi Theatre  is   " Life before a Tenancy" .  
The tragic relationship between the father and the son is extremely strained -  economic and social crisis, drugs and gambling addiction and a domestic violence is the environment where the relationship develop.
The play is a sad comedy which has an optimistic finale. All the dramatic conflicts have been settled: Zaza's wife and child return home, the heartbroken father recovers and all of them enjoy family reunion or " the beginning of a new life". In fact the there is a psychophysical restart of the situation.


Date of Premire:  02.04.2021
Duration: 60 minutes without intermission








Telavi Theatre is one of the Oldest in Georgia. It existed  in the period of king Erekle II and was known as the Troupe of Machabela. In 1795 year, whole troupe of the theatre heroically fell on the Battle of Krtsanisi with the leadership of Gabriel Major and Machabela. Today Telavi Theatre is 258 years old. Telavi Theatre has always been participating in different international festivals and got lots of rewards and prizes. Today Telavi theatre has very talented artistic team, who still continuous old traditions


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