Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 18:00 - Friday, 30 September
Nikoloz Sabashvili


Director: Nikoloz Sabashvili
Scenography by: Nikoloz Sabashvili
Costumes Designer: Nikoloz Sabashvili
Choreographer: Nikoloz Sabashvili
Composer / musical adaptation
: Nikoloz Sabashvili
Assistant to the director: Ana Bezhashvili


About Performance:
"Faceless" – written by  Nikoloz Sabashvili' researches  the vicious qualities of the modern society through experimental theatrical forms. Existential fear towards the surrounding world, the eternal struggle between good and evil, the general indifference of the society and the unrestrained desire to self-perception for a better future – is the the theme of performance.  An organic part of the director's concept is the original musical and artistic design of the performance, authored by Nikoloz Sabashvili himself. The artistic structure of the puppets goes far beyond the existing stereotyped features of puppet specificity... The faceless puppets without individual features symbolize the everyday monotonous life of a modern society,deprived of the moral basis.

Date of Premire:  28.04.2021
Duration: 65 min. without intermission

Tbilisi Giorgi Mikeladze State Professional Puppet Theater was founded in 1934 by Giorgi Mikeladze. This is the first and currently the only state professional puppet theater in Tbilisi. Throughout its history  the theater has always been performing its mission, which, above all, involves the aesthetic upbringing of future generations, raising and forming their awareness.
The theater, with its diverse repertoire policy with consideration the needs of different segments of the teenage audience, creates the performances relevant to its audiences. Even today, in the pandemic period, the creative process in the theater has never  stopped and new performances are being staged with the co-financing of the state. Together with Georgian audience,  the theater successfully performs on international festivals  and contributes to the integration of Georgian culture with world cultures.


Contact information:
Deputy Director - Neron Abuladze
Tel: (+995) 591 98 18 23