Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 21:00 - Saturday, 01 October
According to the play “The Colony” by Nino Kharatishvili

On Mars

(An online performance)

Director: Nino Burduli
Scenography: Nutsa Chkonia
Costumes Designer: Nutsa Chkonia
Composer / Musical adaptation: Erekle Getsadze
Assistant to the director: Tekle Pedrovi


The Cast:
Julie – Lela Akhalaia
Asma – Salome Maisashvili
Tea – Nino Tarkhan – Mouravi
Luke – Otar Ashkareli
Klaus – Ilia Cheishvili
Yuri – Nika Tserediani


About Performance:
The play is set on planet Mars. Six characters, specially selected for the task, are sent to the red, mystic and forever silent planet in search of a new life.
What are the difficulties that the planet Mars creates to the “colonisers”? Will the main characters with completely different aims, professions and backgrounds be able to adjust to each other and to the life in the new reality? Can they create ideal “brave new world” – a kind of modern Utopia, or a Garden of Eden? Will the Planet accept them as their own or banish them, as humans should be, from the Garden of Eden?
Еarthly passions mingled with intrigues, envy, love and other human vices on a lonely and distant planet make the performance even more dramatic and mystic turning the enclosed space of Mars into a symbol of the Pandemic isolation.


Date of Premire:  Planned within the showcase programme
Duration: 70 minutes, without intermission 


The Ilia State University Theatre, the first and so far the only professional theatre in a Georgian higher education setting, was opened in 2010 on the premises of once celebrated Theatre Basement in Vake.The Theatre operates as a venture project, inviting different directors and groups of actors for its performances. Hence, it is not governed by an artistic director and has no permanent group of actors. The Theatre is always open for youth to participate in its shows and explore performing arts. The theatre also supports the University Theatre Arts Programme making sure that the students majoring in acting, directing and set design get a highlyprofessional training on stage.


Contact information:
Contact person: Natalia Tvaltchrelidze, Natia Kvashali
Tel:+995 599 529199 / +995 597 760074;;