Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 19:00 - Saturday, 01 October
Aleks Chigvinadze

Marina Revia

Director: Gocha Khichia
Scenography: Tariel Geliashvili
Composer / Musical adaptation: Gocha Khichia


The Cast:
Marina Revia - Maro Jokhadze
Natia - Tatia Tatarashvili
Nata - Ketevan Abashidze
Shota - Zura Khaftani


About Performance:
Alexi Chighvinadze's social drama Marina Revia tells us what happens when after 15 years in prison, a mother returns to her children. No one is waiting for her. She is a almost forgotten, she is declared dead and alienated from her children. What a feeling it is when after a childhood and adolescence without a mother, a parent  returns to family as a stranger.


Date of Premire:  12.05.2021
Duration: 90 mins without intermission

The Marneuli Culture Center Theatre Company has been functioning since  2014. The Theatre  participated in various festivals both inside and outside the country. Amongst them: Batumi Youth Festival, National Theater Festival 2016, Greece International Tour 2018. Polish "MOST" 2019, Tbilisi International 2019, Duruji 2019


Contact Information:
Nato Shavishvili  (Director)
Tel: (+995) 599 41 84 24