Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 18:00 - Saturday, 01 October
Eugène Ionesco

Frenzy for Two, or More

Director: Konstantin Roinishvili
Scenography: Barbara Aslamazishvili
Costumes Designer: Barbara Aslamazishvili
Choreographer: Tinatin Tsuladze
Composer / Musical adaptation: Zurab Gagloshvili
Assistant to the director: Natia Boshishvili


The Cast:
Tekla Javakhadze,  Irakli Gogolaze.


About Performance:
Frenzy for Two  starts out as a stupid argument between a couple about whether a snail is different from a tortoise or not and ends up as war. Whatever approach one takes to interpreting the famous play of Ionesco, if any, it is an entertaining one-act tour de force.
“In this play, war is a metaphor. As the relationship breaks down, so does the city. Is doesn’t matter here which side wins. Both flags create the illusion of “war-game” – “The one who didn’t lose won the battle”, “they weren’t right because they were defeated.” Everything that happens in couple’s life is like a delirium – their endless arguing, accusations, and harassment or physical abuse for nothing. You look at them and realize that this is how we live today, the war starts for no reason and everything that remains is fear, fear of death. “When nothing happens, then everything happens”.


Date of Premire:  10.10.2020
Duration: 60 min(without  intermission)

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Contact information:
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Contact person: Sophia Dekanozishvili
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