Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 20:00 - Sunday, 02 October
George Ghonghadze

The house for three/Dangerous dream

Director: George Ghonghadze
Costumes Designer: Medea Nemsadze
Choreographer: George Ghonghadze
Composer / musical adaptation: Elene Matcharashvili


The Cast:
George Ghonghadze, Elene Matcharashvili and Medea Nemsadze


About Performance:
You can always sense emptiness and loneliness in big houses.
Lord of the big house, who doesn’t like empty rooms, hates being lonely but at the same time  always avoids streets full of people. Lord, who wants the rooms of his big house to be full with his lovely ladies. The eternal question fills the walls and after every clock ticking, you can hear - What is love? Can we divide it into two halves? One, or two, or maybe both? The small but interesting story about the lord of the house, exploring, experiencing new life form and dangerous games  in which  one is always extra!


Date of Premire:  23.05.2021
Duration: 40 minutes, without intermission

LTD “Theathre Synthesis” is a theatrical company, unites stage art and diverse sport s course, creating synthetical esthetics in a frame of physical stage art.


Contact information:
George Ghonghadze
Tel: (+995) 599 73 34 30