Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 21:00 - Wednesday, 28 September
Ivan Viripaev

Summer wasps bite us even in November

Director: Nino Maglakelidze
Scenography: Nino Maglakelidze
Costumes Designer: Nino Maglakelidze
Composer / Musical adaptation: Nino Maglakelidze
Assistant to the director: Maia Mebonia


The Cast:  
Helena – Nino Goshadze
Mark –Gena Shonia
Joseph – Giorgi Surmava


About Performance:
This is a story about uncompromisingness. The belief, that the the clock should go in only one direction and not the other way around. It is a story about the world being arranged exactly as one person imagines it and not otherwise. This is the story that only one person is right in a dispute and that he is forced to choose only one of two positions. The characters in this story go through a long and difficult journey together and just when they seem to find no way out, they treat each other exactly as they are.


Date of Premire:  20.07.2021
Duration: 75 mins without intermission

Theatrical life in Poti starts from February 17, 1882. Then On October 29, 1925, famous public figure YuzaZardalishvili founded the Poti Drama Theater.

On November 11, 1936, at the stage of the new theater was held the first performanceof the premiere - I. Vakeli “Shamili”.  1963, the Poti State Theater was named after Valerian Gunia. In 1982 the Poti Theater celebrated the hundredth anniversary of its existence.

Poti Drama Theater starts active cooperation with famous directors in Georgia, Who have enriched the theater repertoire with their creative works. Since 2007Poti Drama Theater became a member of the International Network of European Theaters.

Since 2008 Poti Drama Theater  has been a member of the Regional Theater Network of Georgia. Poti Theater participated in various international festivals of theaters.

Theatre of Poti actively cooperates with different focus groups and with young artists. Frequently runs meetings, where analyzes work of the theatre with different social economics. Reviewing different plays with them, meeting with different actors, directors.

Theatre of Poti finances studying of students on the theatre faculty. With this way we have the opportunity to change actors and control generation gap in our theatre.

Theatre has program and within this program, once a year, with our partners and sponsors help us stage the play, who’s participants have disabilities. We bring this play to the different festivals.

Theatre of Poti is handicap accessible and is the host of regional international theatrical festival, which was conducted four times this year.

Nowadays Regional theater international festival of Poti is the main theatrical forum in west of Georgia. Beside theatrical process, theatre tries to become the cultural center of society.

In the building of theatre conducts exhibitions, create evenings, cinematography and different events in cultural sphere.

Work of the theater gets positive estimate from critics. Critics mention that the theater of Poti is one of the most interesting theater in Georgian theatrical reality. We have gotten many awards in Georgia and also abroad on the international forums.


Contact Information:
Director of the Theater - Tengiz Khukhia
Tel: (+995) 595 05 40 54