Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 19:00 - Friday, 30 September
Kellerman Ia; Aslamazishvili Saba


Director: Aslamazishvili Saba
Scenography: Vachridze Andria
Costumes Designer: Vachridze Andria
Composer / Musical adaptation: Kellerman Ia


The Cast:  
Baratashvili Giviko, Shurgaia Aniko, Makadze Giorgi, Vashakidze Lado, Akhaldze Luka


About Performance:
Five friends - reunited in a graveyard on their deceased friend’s anniversary. One of them is leaving for Geneva today, never to return. This reunification is the best chance to remember a perished friend and beg for his forgiveness, especially when his killer is one of the friends. The death that occurred a year ago has had a massive impact on each character, It is difficult to comprehend whether the friendship crumbled after the murder or much earlier than that.

The truth can only be revealed if all of the friends “play” by the same rules they did a year ago.

During the play a viewer will discover how people behave after figuring out destructive truth, will they look for a solution or will they choose to keep it a secret?

The play sets the following questions: What or where is true friendship? Childhood friendship is a given that one doesn’t get to choose, does there come a time for it to perish? Does a crime in the name of love exist that can be forgiven, in both short and general context?

Due to many fears and phobias, a young generation hides from the truth, is building a whole other world, a world of illusion, in which they begin and continue to exist. In what exact moment does a tragedy occur? When one prioritizes their delusional existence and becomes indifferent to anything that doesn’t concern them?

The play can be considered a reflection of unfortunate events that occurred in Georgian society in 2020. The most interesting aspect of the play is the peculiar location and the format it’s presented in. During the performance, the visitors share the process and become participants.


Date of Premire:  21. 07. 2020
Duration: 50 minutes



Theatrical company “Lizard” was established in 2019. The main goal of this association of young artists is to create and perform unique theatrical and other entertainment-oriented projects.
The company’s first venture was a play “Biocide” (directed by Saba Aslamazishvili) which has received significant positive feedback as well as popularity.  The second project by “Lizard”, a play titled “feritsvalebulni“(Which roughly translates as “The Changed”) (directed by Saba Aslamazishvili) was performed in a quiet unexpected location – a graveyard. Not only was the play well-received by an average theatergoer, but it has also inspired professional theater critics and artists which all contributed to the public’s increased interest in our organization.

The main goal of “Lizard” is to unite the representatives of all artistic crafts in a common space to create modern projects of the highest quality that reflect and address the problems and issues of today’s society.


Contact information:
Director - Aslamazishvili Saba
Tel: (+995) 555 32 76 98