Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 16:00 - Wednesday, 28 September
Mariam Megvinetukhutsesi

Three sisters

Director: Sandro Kalandadze
Scenography: Mariam Kalandadze
Costumes Designer: Elene Bakhtadze
Composer / Musical adaptation: Sandro Chinchaladze, Giorgi Antadze
Assistant to the director: Mariam Megvinetukhutsesi


The Cast:
Natalia Gabisonia, Anano Makharadze, Anastasia Chanturaia, Bichiko Cheishvili, Giorgi Razmadze, Giorgi Sharvashidze



About Performance:
“Three Sisters” is a new Georgian Play, which centers around the dynamics of modern day relationships.

The play tells a story of a sister who, after a long absence, finally returns home to reunite with the only family that is left: two sisters. On the one hand, she comes back to the house that is frozen in time, where sisters, instead of opening up, meet old projections of one another. On the other hand, the reality so is painfully different, that at times it is simply easier to ignore it and remain within the shells of our individually built worlds. Unfortunately, the only way to move on from inflicted and acquired wounds of the past, precisely lies in the process of acknowledging reality, which is a conflict and a journey each character of the play has to undergo.


Toma: And yet we all hide it...

Temo: hide what?

Toma: Ourselves. Even from those who we love the most. From ourselves too. I dont understand why... if only we would say everything the moment it appeared, while its still small and meaningless. If only we would root it out, right then, right at that moment, we would never reach this point... just say it, damn it say it “I can’t control myself”, “I cant stop, all I want to do is drink”, say it “my heart is hurting”, “I am scared”, “ I havent done anything worth living in my entire life”, “ I dont’ feel anything anymore”, “I dont recognise myself”, “dont leave”...


Date of Premire:  09.09.2021, 10.09.2021 
Duration: 1 hour 40 min (without intermission)


Theatre Company Haraki was founded in 2019. Company’s main working principles are research, professional development, collaboration and experiment. The team consists of permanent 11 members who are equally involved decision making of any work the company chooses to produce. “Haraki”-s goal is to create a process and performances that center around self-research and finding new points of reference.

Company recently, on 15th May 2021,  opened its permanent space at the “Wine Factory” V.Petriashvilis #1, which was completed funded by team’s own resources and infinite enthusiasm, making it a truly independent organization.


Contact information:
Director of the Company - Mariam Megvinetukhutsesi
Tel: (+995)  555 10 17 68