Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 21:00 - Thursday, 29 September
Lasha Sherozia

Stories from life or Digi-Digi Boom-Boom Putsi-Putsi

Director: Lasha Sherozia
Scenography: Tamar Chavchanidze
Costumes Designer: Tamar Chavchanidze
Choreographer: Giorgi Qobalia
Composer / Musical adaptation:  Meri Beroshvili
Assistant to the director: Tamuna Farulava


The Cast:
Marina Daraselia, Nana Bukia, Mzevinar Chargazia, Lana Fifia, Salome Bugadze, Mariam KhanTadze, Marina Burduli, Rezo Jojua, Zurab Lashkhia, Gogi Guguchia, Andro Shamugia, Zurab anTelava, Malkhaz meskhia, Giorgi Chachua, Giorgi Gakharia.


About Performance:
Everything you see here makes sense. Everything what you see here  makes no sense.

A tragicomedy consisting of short real-life novels. Today’s human existence is full of absurdity, sadness, tragedy, mental or physical problems, unrealized desires, and alienation from oneself. Black comedy is a shield that recognizes, confronts, and tries to save these people from themselves and others.

Characters from nowhere seek happiness. They seek happiness where it could not be found and they seek happiness, where it might be found.

In these novels you will see things that may not happen but happens in everyday life. We talk about people living in a frustrated, hungry, scared, hopeless, pseudo-world, and we laugh. We laugh at ours


Date of Premire: 11.04.2021
Duration: 90 minutes without intermission


The history of Zugdidi Theatre dates back to 1868. Theatre's very first performance was Molière's "The Doctor in Spite of Himself". Since that day, for more than 150 years, theatrical life in the city has not stopped.

According to the jubilee magazine published in 1968 to mark the 100th anniversary of the theatre becomes clear that at that time there were already existing two different creative groups. They staged plays based on both foreign and Georgian plays independently from each other. It is also widely known that such famous theatre figures as Lado Meskhishvili, Shalva Dadiani, Valerian Gunia, Alexander Imedashvili and others came to Zugdidi Theatre for a tour.

Georgian writer Anton Purtseladze, who translated and staged plays, made a great contribution to the theatrical life of Zugdidi.

Since the 1930s, in parallel with the Rustaveli Theatre, the plays "Lamara" and "Anzor" have been staged in Zugdidi Theatre
A well-known theatre director Temur Chkheidze made his first career steps at Zugdidi Theatre, where he came together with Avto Makharadze and Janri Lolashvili.

The period when a prominent theatrical figure Sasha Egutia led the theatre, is considered to be its Golden age. 

Zugdidi theatre continues its creative life to this day and has received numerous awards and prizes during its existence. In 2018, the theatre was on tour in Amsterdam, from which it returned with great success.



Contact information:
Theater art director: Lasha Sherozia
Contact person: Lasha Sherozia
Tel:+995 598 69 70 77