Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 19:00 - Friday, 30 September
Manana Dioashvili

Three plus Three

Director - Ioane (Vano) Khutsishtsili
Scenography  -  Teo Kukhianidze
Composer / musical decoration - Giorgi Jikia
Assistant to the director - Maka Mamulaisvili 
Acting persons and performers
Bauki (Bako) - Tamar Mdinaradze
Chat - Tsitsino Butskhrikidze
Joji - Shorena Gvetadze
Gvedzi - Vakhtang Chkhartishvili
Dore - Nika Dzneladze
About Performance:
How strangely, modernly and painfully were turned upside down today the 90s psychosomatics, Problems, cruelty, madness, rhythm of losing love and impossibllity . How many things did director Vano Khutsishvili manage to extract from Manana Doiashvili’s play 3+3, from the dark corner of the traumatized psyche
David Bukhrikidze, critic
Date of  premiere - 16.05.2021
Duration: 90 minutes,  without intermission

“Georgian performance happened in Ozurgeti in order to help local school”- newspaper “Droeba” #10, 1868 y.- Updated history of Ozurgeti Theatre starts with this information ;
• In 1895 y. Alexander Tsutsunava, one of from  Georgian professional editors and founders of Georgian cinema has headed up the theater;
• Golden period for the theater were 60-80es of XX century; the tours to Art theatre of Moscow, in Hungasry, Federation Republic of Germany, Resonanse decades in Tbilisi and other regions of Georgia;  golden age of the theatre was 60-80-es of XX century and hardest period for it in 90-ies;
• In 1968 and 1988 the  100th and 120th wide-scaled anniversaries of theatre were celebrated;
• The Lithuanian tour of theatre In 2014 was recognized as a symbol theatre’s coming back to Europe. 
The theatre participates in international festivals  in Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia
• The Ozurgeti theatre is 150 years old.
Since 2016y. the theatre had been  conducting  Nodar Dumbadze international Theatrical festival once per two years. In 2018 the theater  celebrated 150th anniversary and the of Ozurgeti state theater star  was opened.



Contact Person / contact person position -VASIL CHIGOGIDZE, Artistic Director
Contact Information:
Telephone: 599 578909
facebook: ozurgeti state drama theatre