Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 19:00 - Tuesday, 01 October
Location: Alexander Griboedov State Russian Drama Theatre
Paolo Genovese

Perfect Strangers

Paolo Genovese
Perfect Strangers

Directed by –David Chkhartishvili
Scenography by Anano Dolidze
Costume designer Anano Dolidze
Musical arrangement by David Chkhartishvili
Assistant to the directorNini Gochiashvili


The Cast:
Koba Kopadze , Gvantsa Kandelaki,  Soso Mgaloblishvili, Maka Shalikashvili, Omar Bekauri, Zaza Tcarulashvili, Tekla Mardjanishvili


Date of Premire:28.07.2018
Duration: 80 minutes, without intermission
The tour group:16


About the performance:
Seven long-time friends get together to observe the lunar eclipse. When they decide to share with each other the contents of all of their text messages and phone calls, many secrets are unveiled.

We, long-time friends, husbands and wives, have nothing to hide from each other. We know everything about each other’s’ lives…

Is this true, or, rather, do we stay unknown, like the dark side of the moon? 

Sometimes our phones hide answers to these questions.

The establishment of the theatre in Gori is one of the most important moments inthe history of Georgian theatre in the 19thcentury.

The first production staged in Gori was the Georgian comedy Inexperience: i.e Temporary Separation of Love, by Dimitri Megvinetukhutsesi in 1845 (May 1 and 8; July 11 and August 7).

A key figure in Georgian theatre and dramaturgy, George Eristavi, took over the theatre in Gori. Subsequently the company performed the comedy Separation in Tbilisi on January 14,  1850. Indeed, since then, Gori has played an important role in the development of the performing arts in Georgia.  

Following the production of Separation,  Eristavi staged a play titled Mean in Gori. The date of the premiere (July 26, 1865) marked the official opening of the theatre in Gori.

Women were, from the very beginning, important members of the company in Gori; this at a time when the gender balance of theatre companies was quite problematic in other regions of Georgia.

In 1939, a new, 500-seater theatre named after George Eristavi was built for the Gori Theatre.

Since then many important artists have worked at the Eristavi Theatre which has never ceased to be an active and productive theatre.


Contact information:
Theater art director:David Chkhartishvili
Contact person:David Chkhartishvili
Tel:+995 577 385286 /



Davit Chkhartishvili

Davit Chkhartishvili
I was born on July 7, 1988 in Abkhazia. I lived in Ochamchire from 1992 to 2008. In 2008, I graduated from the theater faculty at the Theater University in Levan Tsuladze's Doctor's Graduation in 2013, after graduating in Bachelor's Degree and I graduated from Gogi Margvelashvili's Graduation in 2016. ..
Master Classes: Young Directors Lab (2017 Moscow)
(Within the thirteenth international Chekhov Theater Festival)
Creative events:
Foundation "Iavnana" Charity Concerts --- Assistant to the Director.
Concert for homeless children charity festival --- assistant director

Performed performances:
Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theater
According to 1-Aziz Nesin - "Controller," (2010 --- "Attenue,")
2-minute jujunoglu - "Avalanche," (2011 --- "Attic")
3-Alexander Pushkin - "Mozart and Salire", according to AGNUS DEI ,, -
(2012 year)
According to the novel Crowne's novel "Kramer against Kramer"
(2014 --- "Basement")
5-Vaclav Havel - "To go" (together with Levan Tsuladze - 2010 - big stage)

Kutaisi Lado Meskhishvili Theater
6-Claude Manie - "Blaze," (2012 --- Great Scene)

Meskheti State Professional Theater
7- Irakli Samsonadze's "Bedroom Break", (2015)

Meskheti State Puppet Professional Theater
8 -According to the poem Akaki Tsereteli, "Night," (2015)
9- "Donna," 2016 year

Shota Rustaveli State Drama Theater
10 - Aleksandre Lortkipanidze - "Island", (2016 --- Experimental Scene)

V. Giunia State Poti Professional Theater
 11 - David Gabunia, Bechavi, 2017 year

Gori Giorgi Eristavi Professional State Drama Theater
12 - Jean Anu's play ,, Antigone "(2018)
13 - "Ideal strangers" (2018) according to Paulo Genovis Film
14 - Lasha Bugadze's Plays "Toast" (2019)

Foreign languages: Russian-well
Contact: 577385286