Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 21:00 - Friday, 04 October
Location: Kakha Bakuradze's Movement Theatre
Dante Alighieri

Divine Comedy

Dante Alighieri
Divine Comedy  -

Directed by Ioseb Bakuradze
Scenography by Ana Gorbas,Bidzina Sidiani
Costume designer Ana Gorbas,Bidzina Sidiani
Choreography by Lasha Robakidze
Composers  Sandro Nikoladze, David Kakulia

The Cast:
Indira Reyes; Mikheil Zaqaidze, Tata Tavdishvili, Ani Takalvadze, Beqa Garsenishvili, Mariam Balakhadze, Giorgi Khachidze, Kote Liparteliani

Date of Premire:1 9.03 2019
Duration: 90 mins. with two intermissions
The tour group: 14


About the performance:
The play is a theatralical version of Dante’s work, where all of its three parts: paradise, purgatory and hell are united in three 20 minutes performances.


Movement Theater was founded in 2000 by Kakha Bakuradze. The theatre has never ceased to pamper audience with constant innovations, interesting performances and creative events. Currently the theater art director is Ioseb Bakuradze. On Georgia’s behalf, the theater has participated several times in the international festivals including: Shakespeare International Festival in 2018, with Ioseb Bakuradze's performance "Tempest", River Bank Festival organized by the Ministry of Culture at Frankfurt and several other European festivals. This year the theater is invited to Munich, Vilnius and Minsk.  In September an American troupe will be visiting  Movement Theater to coproduce Dante's famous work.

Movement Theatre is a miraculous place, where stories are told by movement and music. Mystic "Mushtaidi Garden" in the middle of Tbilisi old town with Magic Theatre inside invites its audince every evening for a synthesis of drama, pantomime, movement and physical theatre, ballet, martial and circus arts, folklore and contemporary music, live music, Milonga tango evenings, jazz evenings, comedy, illusion, extreme shows, open-air and indoor performances.


Contact information:
Theater art director:Ioseb bakuradze
Contact person:Eka Bakuradze
Tel:+995 599624034,

Ioseb Bakuradze

Founder of Movement Theatre.

2010 - Graduate of masters program in Robert Sturua's group.


Important performances directed by Ioseb Bakuradze:

At Movement Theatre: "Tempest", "The Story of Murderer", "Divine Comedy"

At Rustaveli Theatre

Telavi Theatre - "Dinner for Six"

Akhaltsikhe Theatre "Train is Coming

Washington Sinetic Theatre "Titus Andronikus""

Batumi Theatre - "Island"

Artistic Director of Movement Theatre from 2012.