Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 13:00 - Wednesday, 02 October
Location: Sokhumi State Drama Theatre, Tbilisi
Lasha Bughadze


Lasha Bugadze

Directed by – Guram Matskhonashvili
Scenography by Guram Matskhonashvili
Costume designer Guram Matskhonashvili
Assistant to the director Lasha Shanidze


The Cast:
Lili Khuriti, Irakli Gogoladze, Ani Imnadze, Archil Baratashvili, Tea Kitsmarishvili, Irakli Chkhikvadze

Date of Premire: 01.07.2018
Duration:  90 minutes, without intermission
The tour group: 17

About Performance:
Medea's figure is controversial in mythologies and traditions. In Euripides, the woman in love

with Jason helps to capture the golden fleece and escapes from her homeland together with the

Argonauts. In Corinth she lives happily for some time with her husband and two sons, until

Jason leaves his wife to marry the daughter of King Creon. In revenge, the deceived murdered

Kreon, his daughter, and their own children.

In the Georgian tradition, however, Medea is a princess of divine descent, a wise woman who

deals with medicine and probably represents the oldest model of an emancipated woman. The

Georgian writer and dramaturg Lasha Bugadze illuminates the problem in his piece Antimedea from today's perspective.


A theater cast in Sokhumi, a town on the coast of Black Sea in Abkhazia, which is currently occupied by Russia was established 133 years ago, back in 1885. Early 90s saw the tragedy unfold in Abkhazia – a war raged by Russia, which made the Georgian population flee its land. The theatre too had to go through the ordeal of a life in refuge. Its members shared a tragic fate of losing their loved ones during the war. However, they were undeterred to carry on their professional activities against all odds. Various Tbilisi theatres sheltered Sokhumi artists.  They have recently acquired their own premises and have a new generation of artists. Although the theatre has made Tbilisi its home, it still nurtures the idea of returning to its land. Sokhumi Theatre actively cooperates with Georgian playwrights and writers to explore contemporary issues. It is involved in international projects including UNESCO theatrical centre and has initiated Georgian-German and Georgian-Polish platforms. The theatre productions have won several international prizes.


Contact information:
Theater art director: David Sakvarelidze
Contact person: David Sakvarelidze
Tel: 577140000