Georgian Showcase Program

Program type: Georgian ShowCase Program
Starts at: 12:00 - Thursday, 03 October

Don Juan

Don Juan

Directed by – Soso Nemsadze
Set design by Bidzina Sidiani
Choreography by Gia Marghania
Composer Misha Mdinaradze
Assistant to the director Naili Iashagashvili

The Cast:
Nika Chkhaidze, Soso Elizbarashvili, Sopho Zeragia, Luka Tsikhistavi, Ana sharvadze, Thea Sharvashidze, Theona Khvedelidze, Natia Meladze, Natia Arbolishvili, Zurab Jincharadze, Lasha Kankava, Archil Makalatia

Date of Premire: 20.12.2018
Duration:  100 min, without intermission
The tour group:


About Performance:
He dead, but arrived as a immortal person. terrible mad for any gender and any person, in particular for his servant Sganarelle.

“ - Don Juan, my master, the greatest renegade that the earth has ever endured, heretic who does not believe in heaven or hell.  He will  do much more for his passion than this, he would also marry you, your dog and your cat. It would be better to servant devil than him... “

But who is Don Juan? Beast, layer, cynic or arrogant man?

In 1967 the troupe of  young  actors  led by Giga Lortkipanidze  in search for new theatre forms, created Rustavi State Dramatic Theatre. Its first  theatrical season opened with the performance Serrano  De Bergerac. The theatre has been through a lot: embracing victories and learning through failures. The history of the theatre nurtures many famous actors and directors names.

Currently Rustavi Theatre is going through artistic changes which will soon determine its position in the theatrical map of Georgia.


Contact information:
Theater art director: Soso Nemsadze
Contact person: Soso Nemsadze
Tel:+995 599 420 456; +995 599 420 534