International Program

Program type: International Program
Starts at: 22:00 - Sunday, 06 October
Location: Europe square
Gaston Iungman- Roberto Strada


Aerial Theatre


Directed by  Gaston Iungman- Roberto Strada

Composer  Gaston Iungman

Choreographer   Roberto Strada

Music Adapted by    Duchamp  Pilot


Duration: 60 minutes, without intermission



Gaz Twist ( vocals ), Allan Ferguson ( bass ), Theo Cuevas ( drums ) Gaston Iungman ( guitars )

Artistic coordinator: Pablo Cuello


Technical coordinator: Raul Vargas
Production coordinator: I geneia Androutsopoulou

Production assistant: Carolina Arias Herr
Lighting issues: Sthepane Vallion
Sound issues: Miguel Calatayud Road Manager | Lara Poto De La Camara Rigger | Sergio Zarate




Muaré experience is an intense exchange between the musical and visual arts. It is a contrast of sensations, an experience- of dialogue between a rock concert, an aerial show and the space in which we perform.




“The sky the best of all stage”

News Santa Maria Portugal


“Muare fascinates with aerial dance”

EL NORTE Monterrey

The original and sophisticated choreographic sequences in the air is our international brand with the use of security systems and cranes that allow astonishing performances in the air.

Our aim is to generate intense emotions through images and powerful, original live music.

Voalá has soared across the sky of 30 different countries and taken part in festivals and artistic events in the world’s most important capitals of culture since 2008