International Program

Program type: International Program
Starts at: 20:00 - Wednesday, 16 October
Location: Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre (Big Stage)
Roy Oppenheim & Ido Ricklin


A musical fantasy for orchestra, actor and video art

Directed by  Ido Ricklin & Roy Oppenheim

Composer  Zohar Sharon

Video Art  Yoav cohen

Choreographer   Miri Lazar

Photographer:  Yossi Zwecker

Duration:  75 minutes, without intermission

Venue; Marjanishvili Theatre


cast;   Iftach Ophir



(E)motion  Without Movement is a musical fantasy that takes a close look into the Artist's soul. He sees himself as the creator of abstract musical worlds, leading a quixotic battle against the engulfing silence. However there is one persistence voice, that the "creator" is unable to control. It's the voice of the "Narrator" - an embodiment of an inner voice. The Narrator is always there, in the corner of the mind, recounting thoughts and doubts. (E)motion Without Movement shifts between the Creator and the Narrator, between the act of creation and that of storytelling, between the musical and narrative experiences. At the very last minute, the conductor-creator reassumes control, abandoning his ego, the narrator, and finally dedicating himself entirely to his worlds creation process with no distractions. And from there on - the sky is the limit. We are a story seeking a narrator, ignoring time that is continuously piling up in our flesh, says the conductor at the crucial scene.


Press :

Translation of Review by Adar Avisar

“…Already, in the first paragraph, I will spare you all the 2000 words I am about to write. Save the intellectual trouble and time and write three words: "Amazing, perfect and exciting."


CEO – Omer Lackner Reichental

The Revolution Orchestra is a musical creative and performing ensemble and a home for original music integrated with other art forms. The orchestra's multi-disciplinary musical projects explore the boundaries of music and its relations with other art forms, and present a new, inspiring and exciting orchestral format.

The Orchestra was founded in 2004 and has been artistically directed by Composer Zohar Sharon and Conductor Roy Oppenheim.

The members of the orchestra are classical musicians who play with the leading orchestras and chamber ensembles in Israel, as well as rock, jazz and world music ensembles.