International Program

Program type: International Program
Starts at: 22:00 - Saturday, 28 September
Location: Strada


Hybrid creature, a live event between music and words, which tells the story of “Ma", a blueswoman with a lively life who after an honorable career decides to go to the starting point to close the accounts with a past of violence and abuse.

The blues is her great gift, but it is the same blues, indomitable spirit, to ask for the bill for the excesses and sufferings. On stage there is also “Pi”, a talented and introverted musician who finds herself playing with “Ma" for the first time. The two women will face each other with microphone strikes between

old standards, musical phrasing and they punch as well like in the best tradition of blues. COSA BEVEVA JANIS JOPLIN? is a tribute to all the blueswomen, from Bessie Smith to Janis

Joplin, passing by Billie Holiday and Etta James, those are absolute “prima donnas” who never tolerated being overshadowed on the stage but in life they always fought because music continues to win on the miseries of their lives.


 “The show flows in a breath, the notes of the masterpieces of unforgettable

women resound…”

Erika Di Bennardo for Persinsala / Culture and theater criticism, 28/10/2018



women resound. Expiring in imitation is a common risk on this kind of

operations, a risk that Roberta Lidia De Stefano and Flavia Ripa cleverly

dammed, interpreting the dramaturgical plot of Magdalena Barile with

surprising spontaneity and naturalness.

"What did Janis Joplin drink?" It is unique in its gender. [...]”

Erika Di Bennardo for Persinsala / Culture and theater criticism, 28/10/2018


"What did Janis Joplin drink ", the new production of Le Brugole & Co ,

previewed at the Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo on March 8th. [...] is a clash

with no holds barred, authentically blues, through some of the most beloved

pieces of a timeless blues. Credible in the parts of the artist who tries to fight

with her hell, and of the young woman with a mysterious past and budding

talent, Roberta Lidia De Stefano and Flavia Ripa, are perfect for this

metaphorical ring, easily suspended between concert and theatrical show,

between slums and lightness. Irony is always present in the barrage of

memories. Magdalena Barile offers a text that appear and disappear in a

rebel intermittence; music is pervading it, with the insistent grace of a

fermale strong fragrance”.

Chiara Palumbo for ART A PART OF CULT (ure)


The Company "Le Brugole" is based in Milan. In 2013 they win the Italian prize "Scintille" ASTITEATRO 38. They also did some satire television shows, and so they bring new spectators to the theater. It is currently a company that investigates female themes. The historical core of the company are the actresses Roberta Lidia De Stefano and Annagaia Marchioro, with the author Giovanna Donini.


Roberta Lidia De Stefano, actress, singer and musician, born in Castrovillari, lives in Milan. After the university, the "Paolo Grassi" Academy and the ERT Higher Education courses, she alternates research productions with writings with national and international theaters. (Marjanishvili Theatre directed by Levan Tzuladze). Together with Lino Guanciale and Gabriella Pession she was direct by G. Solari in "After Miss Julie”by Patrick Marber, a Teatro "Franco Parenti" 2019 production.



Flavia Ripa, actress, speaker and sound designer, born in Castellaneta, lives in Milan. After the university, the Galante Garrone Theater School inBologna and the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia alternates theatrical collaboration with research productions and authorial writings as an actress and musician.


Magdalena Barile lives in Milan where she works as a theater and television author. For the theater she writes lyrics and works as a dramaturg for various companies including Animanera (Milan), Accademia degli Artefatti (Rome), Charioteer Theater (Scotland), Motus ( Rimini) and etc.