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Once historical memory cannot be passed on by the vanishing survivors and eye-witnesses to the second and third generations, art takes the place of the emotional remembrance. The history of art could be written as a history of monuments – which in itself are always also monuments of memory in general and remembering in their time of creation. Most monuments are official art works, commissioned by governments – and sometimes decomissioned / removed by the suceeding governments. The ongoing “Stolpersteine” project (www.stolpersteine.eu) is remarkable in the respect that it is privately organized – and anti-monumental in form. Cologne based artist Gunter Demnig conceived of cobble stones with a brass plate engraved with the condensed story of one single victiming of national socialist rule in Germany and occupied Europe. Organized by local initatives, he has placed thousands of stumbling blocks in front of the last self-chosen residence of victims: jews, Sinti and Rom, communists, homosexuals, etc.. He has travelled to most countries in occupied Europe. In Russia, inspired by “Stolpersteine”, the activist group Memorial has started the project “Posledny adres” (“last address”, www.poslednyadres.ru) in which plaques on residential homes remind of victims of the Great Stalinist Terror.

The workshop will first analyze some historical monuments in the city of Tbilisi from a theatrical and art historical point of view, then identify spots for possible “posledny adres” plaques – and finally develop independent artistic ideas and discuss them with the participants of the other workshop. Rob Moonen is an experienced visual artist, set designer, video artist, and he is directing the showplace “Park” in the Netherlands.


Lecturers. Rob Moonen & Jan Linders

Target audience: This workshop is geared towards visual artist, history students and the general audience.

Language: English | Translated in Georgian

Duration: 2x 3 hours, plus 90 minutes joint session

Time / Place:

September 27: Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre, Museum Space | 12:00

September 28: Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre, Museum Space | 12:00


Joint closing session with the “documentary theatre” workshop

Place: Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre, Museum Space